Turn To M. Brashem For Your Carbon Graphite Material Needs

At M. Brashem, Inc., we focus exclusively on providing a range of different standard and specialty carbon and graphite products for metallurgy, smelting and industrial applications. Unlike general suppliers, we focus exclusively on carbon graphite material, which allows us to develop strong relationships with both our suppliers as well as with our customers.


We have been in business since 1983, which means we have over three and half decades of experience. With offices in Washington state, Ohio and in Beijing, we have the ability to order product and to ensure delivery. Our warehouses and sales offices across the country are also ideal as we can ship our carbon graphite material from the closest facility to the location of our customers, helping to reduce the overall cost of our graphite and carbon blocks, electrodes, and specialty products.

Our Manufacturers

To ensure quality and consistency with all of our carbon graphite material, we only work with manufacturers who are ISO9001:2008 certified. This ensures all the material we order, both standard and custom, meets the international standards recognized throughout the industry in the United States as well as around the world.

With this consistency in products, our customers know we will provide the best possible quality of products for orders both large and small. With our top relationship with our manufacturers, we are also able to offer some of the best lead times in the industry for special orders.

Our Commitment to Customers

While we focus on quality for all of our graphite and carbon products, we also strive to find the best pricing. This, combined with our shipping network across the USA, makes us highly competitive with regards to pricing.

Our Just in Time delivery options is also a benefit to our customers. For more information or to talk about your requirements in carbon and graphite, call us today at 1-844-924-8336 or contact us through the website.