The Importance of Proper Electrode Handling

Graphite electrodes are the heart and soul of the modern-day arc furnace. It takes a special conductor to hold up to the extreme current demand placed on electrodes and pins. Proper handling and installation are essential for best performance. Here are some helpful tips from your graphite electrode supplier to keep your system in top shape.


All connections and joints need to be completely clean and free of dust, dirt, and debris. Frequent inspections and cleanings with compressed air are important. During the inspection, check for damage or oxidation to end faces, threads, and other components. Check joints for tightness and signs of wear.


Every electrical connection in the circuit has to be clean and tight, or it could create resistance that affects the performance of the electrode. Resistance can not only cause current loss, but it can also create heat where you don’t want it.

Electrode Types

Whether you use small or large diameter electrodes, you have several choices, such as:


  • HP electrodes – high power
  • SHP electrodes – super high power
  • UHP electrodes – ultra high power
  • HD electrodes – high density


Make sure to use the right graphite electrodes for the job.

Tips for Proper Installation


  • Remove end cap and clean with a scraper
  • Blow out the socket
  • Thread the pin in all the way and then back it off a little (all pins but Center-Cet type)
  • Install lift pin
  • Air hose socket and end faces
  • Put wishbone spacer in place
  • Put in top electrode
  • Clean joint before closing and contacts with air hose
  • Move the electrode column to the right operating position


For more info on electrode handling and assembly, call your graphite and carbon electrodes specialists at M. Brashem Inc. at 1-800-274-2008 today.