The Advantages of Using M. Brashem, Inc. – Carbon & Graphite Materials for the Steel Industry

There are some graphite material suppliers that provide products for a wide range of markets and sell thousands of items. At M. Brashem, Inc., we take a different approach to our business. Our Product Focus


We focus on providing carbon and graphite electrodes and materials for the steel industry and related applications. As this is a constantly evolving and changing industry, our specialization allows us to stay current and on the cutting edge of technology to ensure our products match the needs of our customers.


We specialize in smaller diameter graphite and carbon electrodes that are eighteen inches or less in diameter. We work with companies around the world to bring in quality products at the lowest possible prices. With our volume discounts and our direct working relationship with suppliers in China (as well as other areas of the world), we offer a top selection of the best in graphite and carbon materials.


Our Commitment to Customers

Whether you are a large customer or a smaller company, our goal is to provide you with the best customer service. When you first contact our staff at M. Brashem, Inc., you will be assigned to an Account Manager. This professional will be your one consistent point of contact and will take the time to get to not only understand your business, but also the exact specifications and requirements your application calls for.


With this personalized connection, we ensure that we have the supplies and inventory in stock to meet your needs. We specialize in on-time delivery… we have warehouses located throughout North America. Because we are located across the nation, we can minimize shipment times while providing a full range of consignment services and bailment inventory for companies of any size.


Our reach is not restricted to North America. At M. Brashem, Inc. we can also arrange for global shipments. Simply get in touch and let us work with you to find the quality and pricing for your next order of carbon graphite materials for the steel industry.