The Advantages Of Using Carbon Blocks In Furnaces

One of the benefits of buying from M. Brashem, Inc. is that we have the experience, expertise and the products that are required by our customers in the aluminum smelting and steel and iron processing industries.


For our customers looking for carbon blocks for furnaces, we offer a top selection of the types of blocks that are required. With our international suppliers, we are able to provide the type of blocks required for any furnace lining needs. All of our blocks are made by companies that are ISO 9001:2208 certified, which means complete quality control with every order.


There are several reasons to use the carbon and graphite blocks we offer at M. Brashem, Inc. Our sidewall blocks and cathode blocks are used specifically in support of many aluminum smelting operations across the United States.


A few of the reasons that customers choose our carbon blocks over the competition include:


  • Resistance to hot metals – with the use of quality blocks for sidewalls and linings in aluminum smelting systems, the blocks actually have a high solubility resistant to the presence of the hot metal. This means that metal cannot penetrate the blocks as they have low porosity and a long-life cycle.


  • Thermal resistance – heat is a major contributor to block failures and issues in the lining and sidewalls of furnaces. By using only top-quality carbon blocks, the life cycle is extended and the combination of fills, sealants and processes for producing the blocks provides for extended use even in the most extreme applications.


  • On-hand inventory and reliable quality suppliers – with our inventory of carbon and graphite blocks, we are able to fill new orders and existing orders quickly and within our customer’s shipping requirements. We thoroughly screen and evaluate our suppliers to ensure they meet the quality specifications required to provide the best value (price and quality) for our customers.


Choosing to use M. Brashem, Inc. for all carbon and graphite blocks is a decision based on quality, availability and superior products. To place an order or to talk to our specialists, call us today at 1-800-274-2008.