At M. Brashem, Inc., we supply Carbon and Graphite Sidewall Blocks and Cathodes for the Aluminum industry. With more than three decades of experience serving the iron, steel, and aluminum industries, we are consistently committed to meeting the specific carbon and graphite product needs of our customers.

Our products are of excellent quality and are low in electrical resistance and highly resistant to abrasion.


MBI products include:

  • Graphite Sidewall Blocks
  • Carbon Sidewall Blocks – milled on all six sides, Anthracite
  • Cathode Blocks – both vibrated and extruded grades – Anthracite, Graphitized, and Graphitic
  • Graphite Blocks Suitable for Many Different Applications

A reliable source of graphite is essential for the successful production of many different products. From graphite sidewall blocks (used by the aluminum industry) to graphite cathodes, our company is an established provider of top-quality carbon and graphite products. If you’re looking for a reliable, low-cost source of premium carbon graphite material, we can help.

Wide Selection of Carbon Blocks

Our carbon cathode blocks are available in a range of different sizes—from relatively small blocks to extra-large. Regardless of your needs, we can customize per your specifications. As a niche provider, we are used to dealing with customers that have very specific requirements. No matter how demanding your specification might be, we will do our best to meet it!

Graphitized Cathode Options

Graphite is a popular choice for cathodes due to its relatively low expansion coefficient, resistance to sudden changes in temperature, and low density. It can be easily shaped into the required dimensions. At MBI, we provide both extruded and vibrated forms of graphite cathode blocks, such as graphite, graphitic, and anthracite.

High-Quality Graphite Blocks at a Competitive Price

We recognize that what our customers value is a steady supply of economically priced graphite that enables them to produce their products efficiently and profitably. Our company aims to give every client a combination of dedicated, professional customer service and to give them access to graphite in a variety of useful forms. As a premier provider among carbon cathode suppliers, not only are we committed to providing you carbon and graphite products that are affordably priced, but we also strive to deliver the highest quality product backed by reliable, prompt delivery and high-value customer support.

Contact Us

If you’re in the market to obtain high quality carbon and graphite sidewall blocks and cathodes, look no further than our experienced team at MBI. To find out more about our products, or to place an order, call us at (800) 274-2008.