Our customers tell us that a dependable supply of graphite and deliveries timed to meet their production schedule, are extremely important. That’s why we keep our stock high—it enables us to provide almost any volume of electrodes when required, often within surprisingly short lead times.


Here at MBI, it is our mission to provide total customer satisfaction by efficiently delivering high quality products, at the best value possible. Our technical staff is well experienced in the both the importing and sale of high-quality graphite and carbon products. For over three decades, we have serviced customers in the iron, steel, aluminum, and metallurgical industries. All manufacturers we work with are reliable and ISO9001:2008 certified. Our supply consists of graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite cathodes, and graphite electrodes.

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Cost-Effective Graphite Suppliers Are Hard to Find

In the foundry industry, price matters! Our competitive advantage is value. Unlike many other graphite suppliers, we keep overheads low to ensure that every product we offer is competitively priced and offers exceptional value. It is our mission to deliver superior customer satisfaction and provide the right quantity at the best price. If you need a reliable, highly experienced, and professional supply of HD, HP, SHP and UHP graphite electrodes, then you came to the right place. We have the capabilities to get the job done right!

Variety of Grades and Specifications

Our dedicated staff is flexible and able to adjust operations in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. We offer multiple grades and sizes of graphite electrodes. If you are looking for first-rate graphite electrodes, consider our wide selection. We specialize in both the sourcing and supplying of carbon electrodes and graphite electrodes (HP, SHP, UHP electrodes).


Our durable carbon & graphite electrodes are designed to provide exceptional performance. For ladle furnaces, foundries, and low-powered EAFs, we provide both HD and HP grade graphite. For those running a higher-powered furnace, such as melt shop EAFs that require high-performing materials, our SHP grade graphite is an ideal solution. UHP electrodes are also available for demanding UHP furnaces. Regardless of your furnace application, we have the graphite electrode solution you need. Our team can match your requirements with our products and help you achieve your operating goals. We ensure that all our graphite electrodes meet industry quality standards and strive to make sure our customers get the exact grade, specification and size needed.

Trust M Brashem for Quality

You won’t find a more reliable supplier of graphite electrodes than MBI. If you’re on the lookout for graphite electrodes and other graphite products for sale then you came to the right place. Our responsive dedicated customer service is happy to guide you from order, to delivery, and every step along the way.

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