A Closer Look at The Ultra-High Power (UHP) Graphite Market

M. Brashem, Inc. is a graphite electrode supplier to the iron and steel industries requiring different grades of electrodes for specific applications and processes. We are one of the few suppliers that maintain a significant on-hand inventory of UHP (Ultra-High Power) graphite electrodes for our customers across North America.


Graphite offers high thermal resistance and chemical inertness, among other properties, which make it an efficient material at elevated temperatures. This, coupled with metallic and non-metallic characteristics, makes it ideal as a base material for products in a wide range of industries. In addition to supplying graphite electrodes, M. Brashem, Inc. is a graphite material supplier.


We maintain a significant inventory of UHP graphite electrodes at our various shipping locations across the United States and Canada due to the increasing demand for these products in the market. The mining and automobile industries are on the uptick creating a greater need for raw materials in the form of smelting both scrap and raw metals.


The UHP Graphite Electrode Market

The market analysis shows that the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for these electrodes will be 9.56% until the year 2023. This is almost a 10% growth rate, which is much higher than the growth expected for HP or High-Power electrodes or the RP or Regular Power.


In fact, the growth in UHP graphite electrodes accounts for about 67% of the entire graphite electrode market, with the biggest users being the Asia-Pacific countries followed by Europe.


In North America, there is an increased growth in the demand for these electrodes, which creates a better leverage for our team in working with our manufacturing partners. We can bring in large volumes of electrodes, which positions us as a top graphite electrode supplier.


With our network of manufacturers and our understanding of our customer’s requirements, we are able to bring in the best quality of supplies. This allows our customers to provide higher levels of energy efficiency in their plants, which is good for both their business as well as for the sustainability of the iron and steel, aluminum and other metallurgical industries.


For more information on the market and our ability to fill your orders for UHP graphite electrodes, contact us today at 800-274-2008.