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The Difference In Graphite Rods From M. Brashem, Inc.

Steel and iron processing facilities have several choices in suppliers for all of their products, materials, and supplies. At M. Brashem, Inc., we have been working in the industry since 1983.....Read More

The Advantages Of Using Carbon Blocks In Furnaces

One of the benefits of buying from M. Brashem, Inc. is that we have the experience, expertise and the products that are required by our customers in the aluminum smelting and steel and iron processing industries.....Read More

The Importance of Proper Electrode Handling

Graphite electrodes are the heart and soul of the modern-day arc furnace. It takes a special conductor to hold up to the extreme current demand placed on electrodes and pins. Proper handling and installation are essential for best performance.....Read More

A Closer Look at The Ultra-High Power (UHP) Graphite Market

M. Brashem, Inc. is a graphite electrode supplier to the iron and steel industries requiring different grades of electrodes for specific applications and processes. We are one of the few suppliers that maintain a significant on-hand inventory of UHP (Ultra-High Power) graphite electrodes for our customers across North America.....Read More

Graphite Electrodes Market Seeing Significant Increases by 2020

While the graphite electrodes market may have seen a decline in the past, it is suspected that there are certain growth opportunities available in coming years. In fact, according to the global graphite electrodes market report for 2016 through 2020, exploring new opportunities in the high-growth sectors will help this industry experience robust growth rates....Read More

The Challenges of Anti-Dumping Duties - Small Diameter Electrodes

In February of 2009, specifically February 5th, the ITC (United States International Trade Commission) found that imports of small diameter electrodes from China posed an injury to US-based industries also producing these same size graphite electrodes....Read More

Electric Arc Furnaces vs. Blast Furnaces

It can be a complicated process trying to determine the benefits of different types of processing systems. One common dilemma is choosing between electronic arc furnaces (EAF) and blast furnaces...Read More

The Advantages of Using M. Brashem, Inc. – Carbon & Graphite Materials for the Steel Industry

There are some graphite material suppliers that provide products for a wide range of markets and sell thousands of items. At M. Brashem, Inc., we take a different approach to our business...Read More

How Graphite Electrodes Are Manufactured

Steel recycling and the melting processes utilize a specialized piece of equipment called an arc furnace to melt and extract metals. In the middle of the heating process, large graphite electrodes carry high amounts of electricity and turn red-hot. But what are graphite electrodes and how are they manufactured ...Read More

An Overview of Graphite Electrode Standard Grades

The most critical factor in the development of graphite electrodes is the grade of petroleum coke used, as higher grades of the petroleum coke produce higher quality electrodes. In addition to the grade of petroleum coke, several other factors can impact the quality of the graphite electrode and its ability to carry a current such as length, diameter, bulk density, resistance and porosity. ...Read More