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Your Premier Provider & Supplier of Carbon and Graphite Materials

M. Brashem, Inc. (MBI) is a leading provider, supplier and distributor of graphite and carbon materials. We are headquartered in Bellevue, WA, and have an international office in Beijing, China. In addition, our warehouses and team of local sales professionals are strategically located across North America.

For over three decades, we have serviced customers in the iron & steel, aluminum, and metallurgical industries. We deliver superior products, provide high-quality customer support, and maintain a reliable delivery service – all at a low cost that our customers can afford.

At MBI, we provide stocking and consignments. Our team is able to meet the specific requirements of our customers for these products. It is our mission to create and develop mutually rewarding, long term relationships with our customers. We settle for nothing less than providing excellent product quality and service.

Our Products

We supply graphite electrodes for the iron and steel sector and carbon electrodes for use by the ferro-alloys industry. We specialize in providing graphite electrodes of 18 inch diameter and smaller, but larger diameters up to 28" are also available. Carbon electrode sizing ranges from 36" to 55" diameter. Our product line includes:

  • Graphite and carbon sidewall blocks for aluminum smelting
  • Graphite electrodes for the steel and iron industry
  • Carbon cathode blocks for aluminum smelting applications
  • Carbon electrodes for ferro-alloy smelting
  • Specialty graphite products for an array of industrial and heat treating applications

We help our customers reach their goals by meeting their specific product requirements on a consistent basis and in a timely manner. Many companies in the steel & iron, aluminum and other metallurgical sectors count on us time and time again as their graphite rod supplier, carbon electrode supplier and graphite block supplier.

On-Time Delivery

By means of a strategically placed network of warehouses, we deliver a just-in-time supply of products to our customers throughout the United States and Canada. Our capabilities also include delivering consignment/bailment inventory at the customer’s location.

Our reach extends internationally as well. Through the development of strong long-term relationships with manufacturing partners (which are all ISO 9001:2008 certified), we fulfill our customers’ product specification and quality requirements across the globe. Our carbon and graphite resource import capabilities from China and other countries, allow us to offer competitive prices to each and every one of our customers.

We’re among the top graphite electrode suppliers in the nation and can provide you with the materials you need at prices you can afford. We offer excellent customer service whether you order graphite electrodes, specialty carbon graphite material or any of our products.

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We are ready to serve as your quality graphite products supplier. Our team has you covered regardless of the quantity, grade or size of product you require. You can count on receiving the best value for your investment when you choose our team at M. Brashem, Inc.

Call us today at 1-844-326-4626 to discuss your carbon and graphite requirements.